Sustainable materials


Fabric and fibers

We are committed to using sustainable fabrics when it’s possible. All our tees are made using 100% organic cotton, our sweaters are 85% organic cotton - how good is that!

Organic cotton uses much less pesticides or hazardous chemicals than traditional culture, and benefits the water consumption and quality, farmers health, and your welfare. Our organic cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.
Reclaimed cotton is used for our tote bags. This way, we give a second life to textile offcuts intended to garbage.
Because our small scale operation doesn’t allow us to be very flexible on the materials used, a small part of each sweatshirt is made from polyester. We are very excited to announce that we currently work to switch to recycled polyester for the next collections!


Packaging is a double edged sword. On one hand, we know it is a big cause of pollution, because of all the materials used only to protect the product before its use. On the other hand, we have to shield the garments from the elements and the damages that can happen during storage and transport.

Because we cannot send your tees with some stamps stuck on the label (imagine how weird it would be!) we put a lot of efforts to reduce the footprint of our packaging.
We protect all our pieces in 100% biodegradable polybags. Made from PLA (a polymer made from corn starch or sugar canes), they have the same protective properties as regular plastic. According to a study conducted by Berkeley, PLA products emit 0,03% of the carbon produced by the same PET product. (PET is short for Polyethylene, a polymer found in most applications such as bottles, shopping bags…).
Because of their small size, hangtags are often overlooked. They are usually made from laminated paper and attached by a polyethylene string, two materials refined from oil. At Poppy, we attach our hangtags in our office by hand. These are made from paper issued from sustainable forests and the strings are organic cotton.
Brown cardboard shipping boxes have a raw feel to them and that’s for good reason. We believe that reducing the number of transformation processes gives a finished product that has less chemicals and is recyclable. The boxes we use are made in France, close by our offices which lowers the amount of carbon emitted for transport. Also, it helps to maintain jobs in the region!
As a gift for getting your beautiful new clothes from us, we include a printed poster with every order. Each poster is made from paper issued from sustainable forests. Their purpose is to serve as a bookmark, a decorative piece on your fridge or even a new asset on your mood board at work!
We believe that you can be stylish and mindful of the environment at the same time. In our eshop, you can find tote bags to use at the beach, carry your groceries or even use as an everyday bag. They are made using only recycled cotton, making a step further towards reducing our waste.